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American Express credit cards are one of the top credit card issuers in the US and the world. They offer a wide range of credit cards (we talk about them in the later part of this post), but all of the cards need to be activated online using their website, Here, we’re going to talk about just that. Follow the step by step guide given below to know how to confirm your AMEX credit card & activate it.

How to Confirm Your American Express Card?

Follow the below given step by step guide to know how you can confirm your Amex credit card online:

  1. Visit the official web page of American Express credit card for confirming your card, which is You can either type that out on the address bar of your browser of just click on the button below.
  2. Now, on this page, you’ll be greeted with a welcome message, “Welcome! Let’s get started”
  3. Below that, you’re asked to enter your card details such as:
    1. 4 digit card ID
    2. 16 digit card number
  4. Now, enter the card details on the space given and click on the “Continue” button.
  5. Now, on the next page, you’re required to enter your contact details that you gave in the time of account creation.
  6. And after that click on the “Verify” button, which will verify your card.
  7. You’ll also get a notification as Text saying that your card is verified now on your registered number.

About American Express Credit Cards confirmcard

The American Express Card is a credit card offered by the American Express Company to individuals, small business, and corporates. The cards are commonly called AMEX Credit Cards and are used for a wide range of purchase needs ranging from buying items, booking hotels to air travel. Just like other cards, one with an American Express card can make payments in person, via the internet or by phone. The diverse ways in which the cards can be used makes it popular: 50 million holders of AMEX Credit cards in the USA and 107 million globally by the end of 2013.The number is higher today.

Many businesses accept the AMEX Credit cards since their properties make customers experience safety and convenience. As a result, enterprises that accept the cards present the message that they care about the consumer’s well-being. Additionally, since the American Express Card is not a debit card, the owners of these businesses have a surety that the products purchased will be paid for in full. This ease of using the AMEX cards may make people grab them blindly. That would be unfortunate since there are different cards which suit different spending needs.

Flexible/ordinary spending:

Premier Rewards Gold

This AMEX card allows one to earn points on a variety of common daily expenditures. Further, one gets to travel as they wish since you only earn points when you book a flight. After spending $ 2000, you get 25,000 points which are worth $250. More so, the earning of points vary from one purchase to the other. For instance, you get 3 points each time you book a flight, 2 points for grocery, gas and restaurant spending and 1 point for other purchases. Premier Rewards Gold cards attract an annual fee of $195.

Blue Cash Everyday

This Amex card is also preferred for ordinary spending since it has no annual fee. The user just enjoys various cashback rewards on various purchases. For instance, one gets a 3% annual cash back on the first $6,000 spend. The consecutive ones get you 1%. Additionally, you earn 2% on gas stations and chosen department stores and 1% on other purchases.

Stylish Living:

Platinum Card AMEX Credit Card

This Card gives the user a luxurious experience when traveling by comes with several benefits that make the cardholder experience affluence as they move from one point to another. The cardholder gets free Uber rides, rests at airport lounges, and gets free access to Centurion and Boingo wi-fi hotspots. More so, one gets membership status to Starwood Guest Gold and Hilton Honors Gold. The financial benefits include 60,000 MR points ($6,000 value) after a $5,000 spend as well as $200 airfare credit and $200 Uber credits.

For the Avid Traveler

The Starwood Preferred Guest American Express Card

This AMEX card is the ideal choice for people who travel from one destination to another and get time to spend nights in hotels. When you hit 4,000 points, you get a reward night. More so, after four nights redeem you get a fifth night free. Starwood stays offer you 5 points, Marriot stays 2 points, and other hotels give you 1 point per night.

You will not miss an AMEX Credit Card that suits your spending lifestyle. Each of them comes with unique packages that make you a happy member at whichever economic level you may be.

American Express Customer Service

If you need any help regarding confirming your credit card or came across any issue regarding the same, contact the customer service of American Express to get help. Use the below given contact methods:

American Express Customer Service Phone Numbers

Use the below given customer service contact number given below to get in touch with AMEX support:

  • 1‑800‑954‑0559 (Domestic)
  • 1‑801-449-4019 (International)

American Express Live Chat

You can also contact them using their dedicated live chat. Live chat team is useful at times, much more than call support sometimes. Click on the below given button to access their live chat to get help with americanexpress com confirmcard card activation. You’ve to login to your account and click on the “Live Chat” option to start the live chat with them.

American Express Social Media Support

Want to get instant support, do contact them using the social media links given below:

Get in touch with them in Twitter, as they’re much more active on Twitter and it’s easier to get support in Twitter nowadays for companies.

American Express Mailing Address

Below given is the mailing address of AMEX USA, use this in case you require assistance or feedback on mail:

American Express Customer Relations
02-04-404315 S 2700
WSalt Lake City
UT 84184-0440

Do let us know your opinion of confirming your card using If you were able do confirm the card or not, let us know your thoughts on the comment section given below. – Confirm your American Express Credit Card Now!
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